Semester 2 - Illumination Offerings

Athletics/Golf/BasketballIn this club, we want to expose our learners to a new and innovative experience. We want to provide standards based learning in an active environment to promote comprehension.  We will discuss math and reading through the lens of athletics. Be prepared to learn and HAVE A BALL! Board Games - The students will learn to play table games with all that involves - turn-taking, being a good sport win or lose, Critical thinking and Problem Solving, Social communication, and self-regulation. Cultural Appreciation Club - Do you like to travel? Do you want to explore different languages and cultures? Look No further than the cultural Appreciation Club! In this club IPS world travelers will travel to a different country each week and mark them in your very own passport!!! World travelers will get the chance to Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany and Japan!!!! Each country we visit we will learn colors, numbers, basic words, culture and even do a craft related to the country!!!!

Girls Empowerment - An hour of girl time where we will read, write, discuss and practice ways to become women of promise. We will talk about body image, self esteem, nutrition and more.

Guitar - Students will perform a piece of music ...ensemble….solo...small group. Movie Review Club - Do you like watching movies? Then this club is for you! We will even make our own movies! Musical - Student will begin preparing the musical “I’m gonna let it shine” …This musical will be performed during black history celebrates all the brave accomplishments which carved paths to freedom. Scientific Design - Joining the Scientific Design Club will allow you the opportunity to learn what it means to be a true scientist. Students will create journals in which they follow the Scientific Method to understand the process of design. By the end of the 5 weeks you will know the steps to convey and solve problems Sorry Guys no slime involved!! Sign Language - American sign language club will be a fun way to learn a new language. Instead of you using your voice, you will learn how to speak with your hands! Not only will you learn to sign, but you will also get to do hands on activities. The final project will be using your sign language skills to sign a small part of a song.

Robotics - Students will learn to code various robots using chromebooks, iPads, iPods, and the Microsoft Studio Pros. Robots include: Sphero, Codey Bots, Edison Robots, Ozobots, Dot, and Dash. Language Arts Priority Standards- Using Flocabulary, students will learn the language of robotics, coding and programming, developing their reading, writing, and vocabulary. Mathematics Priority Standards - As students learn to program, they will exercise and develop skills in logic, measurement, problem solving, and understanding patterns.

Typing Club - learn how to type using 10 fingers without looking at the keys!  Learn proper hand placement and practice with fun games!

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