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👑 The Kids From Akron

swoope in concert

👑 The Kids From Akron

This all started with just a kid from Akron. What that kid has been able to achieve has opened doors and inspired dreams for countless kids from Akron and all over to do the same. And we love having a front row seat to all of it.

This weekend marked an epic homecoming for Allen Swoope, a kid from Akron with big dreams in the music industry, who returned to his hometown to celebrate his recent Grammy win with a special performance inside the Cabaret at House Three Thirty. The community came out to show their support, with the musician receiving a proclamation from the city during his sold-out performance. A private Grammy celebration followed inside The Den, marking the kid from Akron's dream come true with those closest to him.

The celebration continued through the week with House Three Thirty hosting our I PROMISE Network seniors and recognizing their hard work ahead of graduation. These kids from Akron started in the I PROMISE program in 3rd grade and have persevered to keep their promise to finish school. Now we look forward to seeing what path comes next for these future leaders.

Speaking of leaders, the I PROMISE School's track and field team is off and running in a new season, looking to build on last year's record-setting success. The student athletes have been putting in the work, and we can't wait to watch it pay off!